Fb Collective Agreement 2021

The FB Collective Agreement 2021: What You Need to Know

The Federal Bargaining (FB) Collective Agreement 2021 is a significant development for public service employees in Canada. The agreement covers nearly 100,000 government workers across the country and includes provisions for salary increases, improved job security, and enhanced benefits.

One of the most significant changes included in the FB Collective Agreement is the increase in annual salary for public service employees. The agreement calls for a 2.8% pay increase in 2021, followed by another 1.5% increase in 2022, and a 1.5% increase in 2023. These raises will help to ensure that public service workers are fairly compensated for the important work they do.

Another key provision of the agreement is the enhanced job security for public service employees. The collective agreement includes measures to help protect workers against layoffs and job loss, providing a much-needed sense of stability in uncertain times. This includes the implementation of a new job security clause, which will protect affected employees if their position is eliminated or relocated.

In addition to salary and job security, the FB Collective Agreement 2021 also includes a number of other important provisions. These include improved parental leave benefits, increased funding for employee wellness programs, and additional protections against harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

For those interested in the specifics of the agreement, it is available online for review. The agreement is the result of extensive negotiations between the government and public service unions, with both sides working together to ensure that the needs of employees were met.

Overall, the FB Collective Agreement 2021 is a positive development for public service workers across the country. It provides much-needed increases in salary and job security, as well as a range of other important benefits and protections. As we continue to navigate challenging times, the agreement will help to ensure that public service employees are able to continue to provide the essential services that Canadians rely on.

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